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In ten 30-minute live webinars + 15-minute Q&A
learn everything you need to know
to be fit for the start in the Chinese business world

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For our cooperation with Chinese partners, 'I absolutely need solid and up-to-date basic knowledge, but I don't have time to read all the books and I don't even know where to start'

"I'm interested in China both professionally and privately, but most of the media only focus on very few topics. This fascinating and contradictory country certainly has many more exciting facets."

     Eine Schnell-Anleitung für den Geschäftserfolg in China in 10 Folgen   

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Focus on the topics that really interest you:
The webinars can be booked individually for €39 on Eventbrite.

Check out the bonus episode
"3 typical misunderstandings in German-Chinese cooperation"
free of charge and without any obligation,
to get an impression of the webinar series.

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- Focus on China

- Rapid change

- 3 Typical misunderstandings

- Overview of the 10 episodes

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Episode 1 - 28.02.2023 6 p.m

TRUST-BUILDING in German-Chinese business relations

- Chinese relationship orientation

- Different notions of professionalism

- Build lasting relationships

Episode 2 - 07.03.2023 6 p.m

Rapid ECONOMIC RISE in China:
successes, chances,Challenges & Outlook

- Economicssustainable development of Chinaand dependencies

- Shadesideen the fastlen ascent

- Current future projects

Episode 3 - postponed to 09.05.2023 6 p.m

FLEXIBILITY & AGILITY characterize China's working world:
Benefits & Hchallenges in collaboration

-planningng & project management

- Dealing with rules, contracts & time

- The Chinese understanding of quality

Episode 4 - 03/21/2023 6 p.m

and its impact on today's society

- Opium Wars and the Century of Humiliation

- Great Leap Forward & Cultural Revolution

- From economic opening to Xi Jinping

Episode 5 - 03/28/2023 6 p.m

Crash course Chinese PHILOSOPHY
nd how it affects values to this day


- Taoism

- Holistic thinking

Episode 6 - 4/4/2023 6 p.m


- Paternalistic leadership & organizational structure

- delegateson of tasks

- Decision making

Episode 7 - 04/11/2023 6 p.m

The Chinese BUSINESS DINNER - No need to panic!

-rituals andand processes

-What comes on the round table and do you have to eat it?

- Of alcohol and KTV (karaoke)

Episode 8 - 04/18/2023 6 p.m

Read between the lines -
How to recognize & decode INDIRECT COMMUNICATION

- When does it become indirect (=high context) and when does it go directly? 


- Address conflicts constructively

Episode 9 - 04/25/2023 6 p.m

DIGITALIZATION in China and what we can learn from it

- E-commerce, live streaming & virtual influencers

- Social media in China

- Automation, Robots & Monitoring

Episode 10 - 05/02/2023 6 p.m

How COLLECTIVIST is the Chineseesian society? From groupthink and saving face

- Group orientation or individual self-realization?

- Save face, give and take

- Tips for workshops, meetings and trainings

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